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Carry your invoicing in your pocket
it won't cost you a penny

subito mobil

What the others would have to pay for
you have for free and always at hand





mobile application & web-based platform

Ideal for sole traders and small or medium-sized enterprises.

With Subito, you get a mobile app and online access through a browser,
two applications under one user account.

And that's all for free.

subito desktop

We make your business easier

Upload the logo and enter your company information. Assign codes to your products and provided services, add your customers, and you can immediately start creating invoices or converting them from registered offers and email them directly.

Subito is very easy to use, but under the lightweight bonnet, the powerful engine of our "heavy" invoicing module is roaring. And when Subito stops satisfying the requirements, simply go to the Allegro Business Solution without losing a single document - 100% data compatibility ensures a completely painless transition.

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subito application

subito - online invoicing for free

100 documents / accounting period

With over 30 years of experience, we are the market leader in information systems.

Subito was born as a byproduct
in the development of large business solutions,
which we decided to provide freely for use.



0 ,00 CZK
  • 100 documents / accounting period
  • Updates
  • Customer support
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paid version

249 ,00 CZK
  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Updates
  • Customer support
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